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3 Sonatinas for Piano

Sonatina in B minor 

I. Moderato-Vivo




II. Slow & still




III. Rondo:

 Allegro Moderato Agitato

"An exciting and challenging piece for piano. The opening movement contrasts a stormy and angular theme with a Japanese inspired second subject.The middle movement is a simple and beautiful melody.  The Rondo Finale returns to the restlessness of the 1st movement but with imaginative and mysterious episodes."

Sonatina in C major  

I. Allegretto



II. Scherzo:Vivace non troppo




III. Andante

"The first movement is full of humour and contentment with its cheeky glissandi and lyrical melodies.An energetic scherzo follows and then unexpectedly,the sonatina ends with a bleak yet uniquely beautiful andante.  A movement full of  hidden trills, fragmented melodies and insistant ostinatos"

Sonatina in Eb 

I. Andante-Allegro non troppo




II. Slow & Calm




III. With Energy

"The outer movements of this sonatina are definitely inspired by both American continents with dance rhythms and jazz inspired harmonies. The middle movement contrasts with a gradually unfolding meloncholy melody."

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