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Piano Pieces

Two Studies for the Right Hand 

I. Elegy


II. Burlesque



Two pieces written out of necessity after the composer broke his left wrist. He found that most one handed compositions were for the left hand and so turned adversity into an opportunity. 





5 Abstract Studies   

I. Just Because


II. Just Fine


III. Just Once


IV. Just Dreaming


V. Just Finished





Here are 5 exciting, original and demanding studies which all acknowledge their debt to Jazz idioms.  











Twinkle Variations
An inventive and entertaining set of variations on the well known theme.










Megabytes-10 Miniatures for Piano, books 1,2&3
3 sets of miniatures for piano each with a quirky mix of styles, ideally suited for gifted piano students. Some, such as "Seventh Heaven" and "Off the Scales" are inspired purely by a musical idea or interval. Others like "Scène Française" and "Poetry" are movie scenes in miniature.










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